Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Haiti Earthquake

We've all been shocked and upset watching the aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake unfold on the news and in the papers. It's hard to imagine how the survivors are feeling and how they will ever recover from such loss. There are lots of appeals for donations for the organisations who are providing help in Haiti and I have visited a few blogs that have posted links for donating too - click here for one of them. Loved what Elsie did over on her always fabulous blog to raise money for this cause - auctioning off an original painting she created especially and Elle's Studio have put together a fantastic fundraising package of goodies that you can bid for...they are even throwing in the postage (that includes international addresses) Click and see - maybe you could help and get some beautiful products


  1. The news coming from Haiti is tragic. I am so very thankful for my surroundings and circumstances (tough though they are at the moment)

  2. What's your email address? I gotta reply to the comment you left me, hope I'm not in trouble, hehe :)

  3. Sorry! It made me laugh out loud about the subtitles - The film is English and I'm Scottish and you would need a translator to understand me if we ever spoke!!! xxx

  4. Mornning Jude thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.
    I wondered if you could tell me where your parents got that fantastic create sign from, its just what I need for a friends Birthday.
    Thanks again. love chris xx


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