Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Time Flies...

Haven't really felt the need to post for a while but since we're going away for 3 WHOLE NIGHTS I thought I'd pop in and say hi!

Tomorrow we're off on a road trip, just me and Paul to Harrogate. I'm taking a beginners Art Journalling course with the lovely Dyan Reaveley at her Fabulous Tardis-like Aladdin's Cave of All Things Arty (also know as Art From The Heart). The course is on Friday evening, all day Saturday and most of Sunday but we're planning on spending Friday seeing Harrogate and having a bit of retail therapy (before the art therapy starts!) Booked this ages ago and I can't believe it's finally here - Dyan is a fantastic teacher and her enthusiasm is infectious...just hope that her talent is too! Paul will be amusing himself while I'm playing but there's a fab sounding Sushi Restaurant we want to check out and lots of time for a good night out together on Saturday night!

Got the first month of the 365 Challenge under my belt! Can't believe I kept up with it - there is one tag with a confession written on that I missed it then couldn't remember what had happened that day...but one's not too bad out of 31?!? Will do better with February...

Here's January finished

Here's February getting started...

James's class had a Bring and Buy Sale to raise money for the Haiti Earthquake. We donated a ton of stuff from Ellie's room clearout and Ellie, Mum and I did some baking for the home baking stall...

Yummy cookies...

...all packed and ready to go

Pretty Fairy Cakes

We also made loads of double choc-chip muffins and an iced sponge with lots of sprinkles. Ellie was a huge help - she licked every spoon and bowl we used as we went! The class raised £823 - their aim was to reach £450 to buy a tent so it was a great effort.

This huge parcel arrived this week from Emma Bridgewater - it only contained 7 items, and they were small! How much packaging?!?

Bought 2 dove candles in her sale and stocked up on the best ketchup ever and her gorgeous lemon curd...

Onto little things that make me happy...

Spring flowers...making me forget that it's still snowy out there

My tealight holders all lit up

Little hearts all painted for a baby gift

My favourite afternoon snack

Molly's giggles

My birdies in situ...

A freshly stocked fridge - I find it comforting?!?

The joy of bubble wrap!

This makes me smile every time I pick up my keys

Just Dance on the Wii - too funny, especially after a couple of cocktails

Finally (cos I really must get packed) a Mini Wardrobe Remix - she's getting so tall!

And definitely finally, here's the latest addition to our cousin Sean and his fiance Justine had a beautiful little girl last week - Georgia Elizabeth - can't wait to meet her!


  1. Love this post Jude. What sticks out to me most is your fully-stocked fridge. I'm dreading going grocery shopping tomorrow - it's always sooo packed and busy! So my fridge looks completely opposite of yours right now - empty! :)

  2. Thanks for all the chat and photos!! Hope you and hubbie have a super weekend. it sounds just perfect!! Thank you sooo much for your parcel. it arrived yesterday! Much suitcase is filling up :))

    Hugs Judy xx

  3. Have a great weekend - wish I could have come as well - but sadly no spare pennies... have fun... I have a stocked up fridge as well (now) no thanks to and I have all my jugs filled with tulips and daffs, just to remind me that spring is on its way...xoxo

  4. Those little bits of ribbon worked really well. Have fun at Dyan's place.

  5. Hope Harrogate is fun. Love the place, love the shops, and its only a stones throw away - well maybe not for you. Safe driving down to Yorkshire.....x

  6. Hi Hun

    I found you - WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - wasn't it just the best weekend - learnt so much, can't believe it's been and gone in the blink of an eye - fabulous stuff. We had a fun journey back, people flashing their lights at us on the M1 all the way back - Melanie had a dodgy front light so we assumed she'd lost the other so drove home with main beam on thinking that would help only to find out that neither back light were working when we got back - no wonder they were flashing us - so dangerous - massively stressful - hoping you have a calmer journey home, it was a pleasure to meet you both and hope to keep in touch with you!



  7. Hi Jude, thought I'd leave a comment to welcome you home but I see Ginny has beaten me to it! It was lovely to meet you in person (even though you were monopolised by the effervescent Mel!!) Loved this post - one thing of note was your well stocked fridge! I'm presuming you stocked it for your babysitting parents and children while you and Paul were galavanting! (I mean spending quality time together on a weekend away!)I have realised that our children find a full fridge comforting and associate it with home and being loved and cared for - they are 28, 24 and 22 and have all left home, when they come home, the first thing they do is open the fridge door to see whats in it! Is there a journal page in there somewhere??

  8. I loved reading all your "things that make me happy" I too find a newly stocked fridge comforting :-)
    Great pages in your art journal too....x


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