Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday already?!?

That was one quick weekend...especially once we decided fairly late in the day on Saturday to paint Ellie's bedroom. I'm still amazed that I managed to persuade Paul to help me but once we got past the preparation stage he was pretty handy with the roller! I was on edging duty so we made a great team...

Paul in action

Plenty tea breaks seemed to keep him motivated!

After spending about £30 on tester pots of pale pink and pale blue paint over the past few months, Ellie finally decided on Apple White (pale green...) But the room looks fantastic, still a work in progress so here are a few little bits for you to see...

Tomorrow we are unpacking all her bits and pieces for her shelves and adding some wall transfers and other finishing touches so will take more pictures then. No crafting over the weekend as a result but it was great to get it done. Got lots of sewing projects in mind now though...

All the snow has gone from the garden and the boys finally got out to play with their go-cart and tricycle that Santa brought. Harry asked if the snow going away meant that Christmas was all finished!?! Speaking of the wee man, here he is playing the bells to Jingle Bells alongside the Bon Accord Orchestra in Aberdeen just before Christmas...keeping perfect time too! They asked him to join in after he put some pennies in the collection bucket - he loved it!

A couple of Blog Candy mentions ..there are lots of them around right now! I've been doing a lot of Blog Hopping and have started following some really interesting ones - not all crafty, for instance, you have to check out Sleep Talkin' Man...Paul and I laughed SO much at some of the things he's said... Anyway, onto the Blog Candy...

This stash is up for grabs on Inky Fingers - there have been so many comments for it that Katy had added more goodies and there are now going to be 3 draws!

This one is quite mysterious as the prize hasn't been revealed...yet!!! Check out Brenda's Blog to find out more.

Finally Bo Bunny have launched their new ranges and they are gorgeous! If you leave a comment you can be in with a chance of winning some! Love these a lot...

Bye for now! xxx


  1. Ellie is getting her room done soon as well and she can't make her mind up if she wants funky... shabby chic and country... or more grown up.... decisions, decisions... personally I would go shabby chic and country but it's her

  2. Wow, she's quite the interior designer! If you need any paint samples...

  3. Hi Jude Thanks for visiting my blog :0) Looks like we will be meeting up as Im booked on the journalling course too! I cant wait x Janet

  4. Yay! Now I (kind of) know 2 other people on the course! Look forward to meeting you in real life! xx

  5. Wow! I love your wee girls room...wish mine looked like that!! So pretty :) You ahve a real flair for design.

    Are you and Kirsti planning comin to Jacqui's on the 30th??? Would love to see some familiar faces.

    Hugs Judy xx

  6. Wow, the room looks gorgeous. Question is: will she keep it tidy?!! Funny, I always end up on edging duty too :-)


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