Friday, 15 January 2010

Little things that make me happy...

I know I said in my last posting that I wanted things to go back to normal but OMG I had forgotten how exhausting normal was!!! The school run, Playgroup drop off and pick up, dancing, Socatots, homework and Miss Molly having to be dragged backwards through the slush in her buggy! I am SO glad it's Friday and the weekend is here...

Ellie's ruler out on the deck last week measuring 8 inches of snow!

The snow is finally starting to melt which is a relief as we just can't seem to cope with it in this country! Paul, Ellie and I lived in Canada (Newfoundland) for a couple of years where they have some serious snow but they have the resources to deal with it...(they have to though or life would grind to a halt for 4 months of the year!) Our pavements here were hazardous at best and the icicles hanging from the buildings (although very pretty) looked lethal! Saying that though, everything did look beautiful covered in snow...Last Friday we had to drive to the nearby villiage where Paul's folks stay and collect his Mum to take her to the supermarket as she was nervous about driving down into the town. The scenery was amazing...

Trees that looked freshly iced pies

The last remaining red phonebox in the much nicer are they?!?

Haybales in the snow

Bennachie in the distance...

...and the road ahead.

Me and my camera.

Have spent a lot of time in the house the past couple of weeks - apart from the odd outing, and have been photographing little things around the place that make me they are.

The bargain tealight holders I bought in Fat Face in Aberdeen - reduced to a tiny £1.50 each! Bought 5 not really knowing what I'd do with them...perfect hanging on the dining area light.

We did a jigsaw together last weekend. A 1000 piece montage of old Ladybird books - some of which I had when I was little!

Another houseplant that seems to be surviving! Got this Ponsieta from my lovely friend Lesley over Christmas and it's still alive - it's a miracle!!!

My little teapot for one...bought it from the Avon catalogue last month - tea tastes so much nicer when it's poured from a pot!

The teeny bottle of Hendricks that Paul found...too cute to drink.

Bought this a while back in Laura says it all.

The jewellery hanger that Paul brought home after a trip to M&S one evening (an impulse buy apparantley!)

Storytime with the boys...and cosy slippers!

After school trip to the sweetie shop...

Onto some crafty stuff...have been filling in my 365 challenge calendar (sort of) faithfully each evening and finally got the title sorted. Here's how it came together.

Made a frame (from old envelopes!) and used it as a mask on the page

Used the same stamps as the calendar pages

Added some doodles and Distress Ink

Cut some letters and numbers out using the Cuttlebug and coated them with Glossy Accents

Started out punching holes along the bottom edge and stitching but it didn't look right so added eyelets and ribbon instead.

Will stick the pages together once I'm sure I don't want to add anything else. Each month I can pull the design of the whole book together by using the materials from the double page layout on that month's title page. Need to get cracking with February!

Went sledging last Sunday, here's some pics of the action...

Paul testing the make sure it was safe for the kids!

Molly all cosied up in the wagon... cosy that she's taking her gloves off?

After this it was off to the nearby coffee shop for hot chocolate and scones...thankfully my cousin showed up so he took me, Harry and Molly back up the hill in his car!

And finally, Molly Moo's wardrobe remix yesterday. She wore the hat most of the day...

Love those slippers! That's all for now - have got some blog links to share and some other bits and pieces but my bath is waiting and it smells divine! xxx


  1. What an amazing blogger you are - love the wagon Molly is in and the photos are incredible. Love reading what you have been doing.

  2. I *heart* your blog!! I love all the gorgeous piccs of your stuff!! You have a real knack of creating a great photo!!

    I am so with you on the 'back to normal' mad and busy!!

    have a great weekend!

    hugs Judy xx

  3. Thank-you so much for your comments - I really appreciate them! Love doing my blog, glad you like it too. xxx

  4. Wow, you sure pack a load into your days! You must hit the ground running every morning! Really enjoyed this post...blogging is such a great way to make new friends, finding out what other folk get up to in day to day life as well as their arty world! x x

  5. Hi Jude,
    How are you?
    I 'ran' into your blog while I was looking at Wendy's blog.
    Love your pictures, especially the one with the telephone box!
    Molly has really changed, no longer baby, wow.
    And Harry lookes like a proper big boy!
    Snow is only fun to look at and to play in but nog if you actually have to go somewhere or move house like I did.
    Well, if you don't mind I gonna follow your writing!
    Have a great weekend and say hi to everyone from me,
    Liefs Ellen

  6. Hi Jude,
    Looks like you've been having a fun time with all the snow. Love the pic of story time slippers - brings back lots of memories for me and my 3 boys when they were small - I really miss that although now I have my 2 year old Grandson to read to........
    Love your jewelery hanger too!
    Lesley x

  7. Loving that jigsaw! Where did you get it?!

  8. Wow! What a great post! Love all the pictures and the things you love. Inspiring!


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