Monday, 30 November 2009

Ffffyvie Ccccastle...!

Kirsti and I were at Fyvie Castle all weekend...freezing our asses off!!! How cold?!? It was a beautiful setting and the room we were in was a sort of old fashioned sports hall where they played badminton and it even had a single lane bowling alley all made out of wood! Unfortunately it had a glass roof and with the weather being cold, windy and rainy it was COOOOLD! Oh, and we were dripped on from the condensation from the ceiling too. But we managed to sell some stuff, drink loads of tea and have a laugh so all in all it was a good weekend! Also saw Sonja for the first time since Scrap Attack, which was lovely. A big thank-you to Paul for coping with the kids all weekend and with all the activities that landed over the 2 tournament, Highland Dancing, Sooyang Do Grading - and Molly-Moo wasn't feeling great. They popped in on Sunday to see us, have lunch and visit Santa... you can see, Molly not happy! James is clutching the bit of wood he had to punch and break in two as part of his Sooyang Do Grading - he really wanted to show Santa - and Santa was suitably impressed!

(mini) Wardrobe Remix for Saturday and Sunday...

Not venturing out today, Molly's Calpoled up and back in bed and I'm off to sort through the orders from the weekend. Also have to finish James's Santa costume...not planning on getting out of my jammies till much later in the day. Really frosty here today - definitely a day for staying indoors!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Where did today go?!?

BUSY day!!! Face painting at Toddlers this morning, Harry's wee friend round for lunch then a while in the study throwing some things together for the event tonight while Molly had a nap. Disaster struck when my white paint marker exploded all over the blackboard I had painted!!! How annoying?!? And why was it dry all day until it was collection time at school and playgroup? Got soaked a few times, went and delivered comics to 2 of the kids friends who have chickenpox to cheer them up, time for a quick tea, slapped a face on and then away in the car with Kirsti to Milltimber!

It was busy enough, got a few sales and a few orders...between us I think we managed to spend more going round the other stalls than we took in on our own one though!

Off to bed - early start to pack up and drive to Fyvie Castle in the morning. Here's the (m)WR for today...

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Countdown to the weekend...

Have spent today getting orders finished and preparing for our busy weekend! At Milltimber Primary tomorrow evening and then at Fyvie Castle on Saturday and Sunday. Fyvie is a beautiful setting and am quite excited about being part of their Victorian Christmas Market - Kirsti did suggest we dress up in period costume for it?!?

Loving the gingerbread men - started off sticking on real buttons but it's way more fun painting them on!

And finally, today's (mini) Wardrobe Remix...

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

(mini) Wardrobe Watch

Love the idea of doing a Wardrobe watch like Dyan does on her blog but since there's no-one really around here during the day to take my picture I thought I would do a 'mini' one starring Molly! Will be nice to look back on and see what she wore and how she's changed.
Here's today's ensemble...

Feel the Burn...!

Spent all day yesterday in school painting the backdrop for the Lower Stages Christmas show - A Christmas Recipe. Along with two other Mums and a big brother, we measured, cut, sketched and eventually painted the whole thing. I had Harry and Molly with me and there was another wee boy running around and they were incredibly well behaved - which was just as well! By the time I got home my knees were pounding and my shoulders were aching but it was worth it. The 96 kids who are taking part are all decorating baubles to put on the trees and I have made a start to the huge recipe board that will be attached to the 'easel' and a banner with the title of the show to hang above the trees. We got to hear them rehearse the show yesterday afternoon and it sounded fantastic. Have 13 sheep costumes in the the back of the car to deliver to the school this afternoon then it's onto helping make 13 snowflake tutus, 12 robin outfits and a Santa costume for James...hohoho!!!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...?!?

Paul returned from collecting Ellie from Highland and getting a prescription from the chemist with, as he put it, a bag of Christmas tat. It's actually quite cute and it was bought with Ellie's encouragement. It's a wee fireplace that holds a tealight and there are little personalised stockings to hang on it! Tacky? A little...but it's on the dresser, flickering away and it's getting me all excited for Christmas!!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

OOOH! Think I've done it! Here are pictures of the apple message board that I made for Cupcakes and Kisses - the mini-company that I run alongside Kirsti ( think I may have just managed to add a link too...!!! Hope Dyan ( likes this - it was her folk-art expertise at Scrap Attack that inspired me to finally have a go at painting the blank apple shape! Have painted the back of it with blackboard paint so it can be used as a memo board. Now need to work on placement of photographs...any advice is gratefully received!

If ye canna beat em...

Hello! Well, it's finally happened...I've taken my first few steps into Blog-land. Nice here isn't it?!? Not entirely sure what I'm doing or how this will all turn out but I love the blogs I follow and wanted to be part of the experience! So, welcome to figure out how to add photos and I'll maybe post another entry, ooh, sometime next month...!!!