Thursday, 7 January 2010

More Snow?!?

Are we ever going to get back to normal? By normal, I mean all up by 7am, kids back at school, eating lunch at lunchtime (and not at around 2.30pm) and not staying up watching the box sets of West Wing till the wee small hours - will life as we used to know it ever return?!? Kids are still off school and the forecast is for at least 2 more weeks of this! Can't see them going back tomorrow, they went out to play in the garden earlier and poor Harry was up to his armpits at some points!

Finally made it to the hairdressers yesterday - have had to cancel 2 appointments recently because of our Chickenpox outbreak. Had a lovely relaxing time complete with a hand and arm massage and a good gossip with Colleen. She made a gorgeous job and I came out feeling like a new person. Met Paul and kids for lunch then did some shopping for supplies for my February pages and some other projects I have in mind...

Got these beautiful papers and a few other bits and pieces but sadly no Craft Stamper - did anyone else notice the date was wrong for when the February issue was out? 1st January 2009 - glad I'm not the only one that does that, I'll still be writing 2009 till at least May! Anyway, got a copy today - yay!

Also bought this wee doll for a friend who's just had a baby - how cute is she!?! Has made me want to make some little dolls for Molly...will show you the results if they turn out well!

Packed up all the Christmas Decorations yesterday and it was only when the tree was away we realised the the Amaryilis that I planted back at the start of December had grown huge! How amazed was I?!? Not got the best track record when it comes to house plants so I'm really proud of this!

Finally got round to taking some photos of my 365 Calendar project with the 'days' on. I think it will evolve as the weeks go on - don't have a title yet but am in the process of making it and there are some other bits that I plan to that it can develop though and have started to plan February's pages too.

Looked at lots of different papers but none of them seemed to quite work then remembered I had bought a few packs of Blonde Moments papers a while back and the Minaisie Moo ones were perfect. I didn't want to measure and cut out so I was a bit lazy and used Stampin' Up punches.

I also didn't want to write on the days of the week - thought it would look too cluttered - so instead I set eyelets in each Saturday and Sunday tag and threaded ribbon through. I probably should have planned a bit more carefully and only had 7 tags running across the page but I'm looking at this as a learning experience and will take what I've learnt from this month onto next month!

Got this gorgeous sign from my Mum and Dad at Christmas - put it up in my study and it's perfect.

Finally Mini Wardrobe Remix...

That's all for now! xxx


  1. Pages are lovely - great idea to use the punches..x

  2. Punches - now why didn't I think of that!

  3. Hi Jude, found you while blog hopping! I'm doing the art calendar challenge too! I love how you've used different shaped blocks for your journal entries - genuis! x x

  4. PS. I shall be at the art journaling weekend at AFTH too so it looks like we'll meet! Yay! I can't wait....

  5. Hi Jude,
    Such a responsibility - you say I was your quiet time today. Thank you for the compliment. If my journalling can help in bringing God closer to anyone then what I am doing is in His plan. Thank you.
    Your children are a joy!!! Thanks for sharing the photos. I love what you are doing with your calendar and where did your Mum and Dad get the CREATE sign - I love it!!!
    Lesley x


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