Thursday, 25 February 2010

Attempt No. ...17?!?

I have been trying to post for DAYS and I hate having to start a post by saying something along the lines of " sorry for not posting in a while, but..." (especially after reading the Blogging Without Obligation 'mission statement' on Kate's blog!) I dunno, life with a young family is minute it's 4pm then before you know it it's 7pm...or worse - one minute it's Tuesday and the next, it's Friday...!! Anyway, I love doing my postings, but I guess I just have to accept that some weeks are like this one and not stress about it. Quality not quantity...!?!

To kick off, I have to acknowledge a first in my blogging experience...I got an award!! Too excited! And even better than that - I actually got 2!! The first arrived last week and I wasn't quite sure what to do with it...

It came from Virginia and it is a Beautiful Heart accept, I have to answer some questions and pass it on. Here goes...!

List 4 things that keep your inner self beautiful...

1. Staying calm...or at least trying to. The sun is going to rise and set regardless - what's the point of getting all worked up about the small stuff?

2. Loving the life Paul and I have built together.

3. Having some 'me' time - going to the hairdressers regularly, getting a long soak in the bath once the kids are in bed or even just spending 5 minutes painting my nails.

4. Telling my family that I love them. Everyday.

List 4 things that keep you physically beautiful...

1. Practically religious about my skincare regime, always have been.

2. Wear (some) make-up every day...wish I didn't have to but I look ill without it!!

3. Smile.

4. Love to shop - nothing better than a great find to boost your confidence!

Precious Memory...

Lots to choose from but the one that sprung to mind was in a photography studio with Harry. He was born 11 days early and was in Neo-Natal for a few days because of breathing problems. We had arranged to get some newborn photos taken on his actual due date and during the session, he got really upset and was screaming, lying on this black velvet cloth. I picked him up and started talking to him quietly in his ear. He immediately calmed down and nuzzled into me and I remember thinking "He knows me. I can calm him." Up to that point I hadn't realised that even though Harry was my 3rd, I had been worried about the effect being in Neo-Natal, away from me, would have on him and the relief was immeasurable. The photographer actually captured the moment and I love this photo so much.

Pass this onto 5 other people who have a beautiful heart...

Judy - such a lovely person and does the best colouring in ever!

Paige - her (and Chris's) blog makes me smile every time. And even though she watches British films with the subtitles on (hee hee!), she's a wee gem.

Mel - now technically, Mel (sister of Virginia) doesn't have a blog...but if she did - OMG, what a read that would be!! And what better reason to start one Mel, than the fact that you already have a Blog Award to be getting on with?!?

Wendy - my lovely friend who's moved away...I miss her but am so proud of the way she's made a great life for herself and her gorgeous kids.

Lesley - her blog always has a very calming effect on me and she has the cutest wee Grandson!

Onto the next one!

Got this from Dyan - thank-you! To accept, I have to list 10 things that make me happy...

1. Paul. He has this knack...

2. Shopping with Ellie - the best shopping partner ever and I love how much we giggle and chat wandering around Zara or H&M's...and she totally gets the Cath Kidston thing!

3. Molly. Generally. She is just the happiest baby and I look forward to seeing her every morning.

4. When the boys are happy together - this doesn't happen very often right now, but when the 2 of them are in the mood and playing (or even co-existing!) happily - I am a happy ma-ma!

5. My wee study - it's tiny (and despite what Dyan thinks, not ALWAYS tidy!) but I love being in there and playing.

6. Organising - sad but true. I love gutting a cupboard out and putting it all back...but better!

7. Shoes. Always and forever.

8. A good book - the kind where you can't wait for a spare 5 minutes so you can grab the next couple of pages.

9. Dancing round the kitchen when a great song comes on the radio...then the kids joining in!

10. Time away, just me and Paul. Very lucky to have a Mum and Dad like mine...

Thanks to Sandra for giving me this one too!

Right, Onto the continuing saga of February's pages for the 365 Challenge...! I've finally finished them - hooray! I'm really bad at planning crafting projects out and tend to wing it...a lot. Ended up with 2 blank-ish spaces this month for this reason and I just couldn't get the whole thing to come together...Here's what I ended up doing.

Sewing! Glued on both ends and pegged the folds in place.

Stamped and cut out a birdie from a Tim Holtz set that I have, but changed it out for...

...a date stamp and a sprinkling of button brads

Here's how it looks now - only a few days to go and it's March!?!

While I was working on that, Ellie was helping me out. She took all the bags, pouches, boxes, tins and jars of buttons I have and sorted them all into colours - here's the result!

How pretty?!? Thank-you Ellie!!

On Sunday, I spent a good few hours in my study working on my Art Journalling. Going to be very brave and share the pages I made...

I really enjoyed doing them and felt lighter afterwards?!? It really is great therapy!!

Ellie and started a little project together for her newly redecorated room...I bought her a 7 Gypsies printer tray at AFTH and here's the start we made...

she chose some paper from one of my writing sets...

...I cut it to size and Ellie arranged it...

then rearranged it several times, chose a Love stamp for the middle and used the free Craft Stamper stamp (again!) to add a detail...

She wanted to make some mini paper bunting for it so spent the evening watching Harry Potter and cutting out teeny triangles...

Love doing a wee project with Ellie - she knows what she likes and it will be fun to see how the finished product turns out.

To finish, here's a few things that have made me happy the past week (or so!)

Our street getting ploughed first thing this morning!!

Unexpected flowers, just because.

Sushi. I love it.

Plants that I don't have to remember to's a fake from Ikea - pretty realistic looking too!

Bunting. It's a happy thing.

Molly's kissy face - too cute.

That's all folks...hope you enjoyed it - be back soon(ish?!?)


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!

Okay, it's been a while so there's lots to goes!! Well, no sooner had we unpacked from Harrogate, we were packing up again to go to Glasgow for the weekend...or so it felt! It's a good thing I have a very understanding Mum and Dad - they moved in to ours again while we were off galavanting (as the lovely Sandra puts it!) and looked after the kids. It hadn't been the easiest week - Harry had been off Playgroup with a cold and Molly is teething. Added to that it was the school Valentine's Disco (where the DJ didn't turn up) and the start of half term holidays on Friday...packing for us leaving first thing Saturday morning took all week!

We stayed at the Malmaison, which in Glasgow is a converted Greek Orthodox church - beautiful and full of character. We were meeting our friends Graham and Sharon there and then going off to see Strictly Come Dancing Live...I was SO excited!

The set was really impressive and the actual judges from the show were there too! This may be lost on some of you but we watched the whole series and really got into it...I don't really do reality TV shows but I love Strictly (and American Idol!) so it was a real treat to see some of my favourite dancers live. (And the dresses were so much more sparkly than on TV!)

Here's Sharon and I scoring one of the dances - we got scorecards with our programmes!!! Giddy we were...

After, it was on to Frattelli Sarti's for some gorgeous Italian food - they have this little piazza outside...if it hadn't been so cold we would have eaten here - how lovely?!?

Then it was into the newly opened Blytheswood Square Hotel for the Salon no less!

It was all very decadent and a bit posh - lovely to see though!

Sharon and I posing in the reception gallery...

We woke up on Valentine's morning to beautiful breakfast hampers...

Who knew breakfast could be so pretty?

Unfortunately, I woke up with Harry's cold had been threatening for a few days but it was definitely there - just in time for Valentine's! But it didn't stop us going for a wander around the shops and we stopped off at Fifi and Ally's for some much needed caffiene...

...and a slice of Red Velvet cake.

On the way home we had to go by Ikea and get the boys their new beds. The place was mobbed and we were glad to get what we needed and get out! It was a lovely weekend but getting home was fantastic...

Onto the little things that have been making me happy...

Yummy Sunshine Cakes that Mum made (and the kids and I demolished on Monday!)

Reaching the dizzying new heights of having 21 Followers on my blog! Thanks to each and every one of you!

Valentines cards...

...and Valentines gifts.

The calming smell of Lavender...I should have this all through the house!

Spring bulbs starting to flower

An empty ironing bin! This utopia was reached last's full again now but the picture gives me hope!

The last of the Fat Rascal's Paul bought in Harrogate - delicious.

And finally, Olbas Oil - the only reason I have been getting any sleep the past few nights!

Still taking part in Kate's 365 Challenge...and still working on February's pages! Filling out the tags each day but the layout is a work in progress...I should probably start March soon if I stand a chance of keeping up! Here's how it looked last week...

Decided to hand paint on some detailing over the stamps I used...

Still need to add some more embellishments and ribbon to mark the weekends.

While I was working on this last week, Ellie wanted to make a Valentine's card. I had given her a copy of February's Craft Stamper (I bought a 2nd copy by mistake!) and she was keen to use the free stamp on the cover. She did really well - here she is hard at work...

...and here's the result!

Pretty good, huh? After finishing it she said "He'd better appreciate this after all this effort...!" You tell him Ellie!

Woke up on Monday morning feeling like a train had run over my head but my day was brightened when I discovered I had won a prize!

Elsie had a Valentine's Giveaway to win some cute prizes...all you had to do was say what you thought was lovely... I did...

...and I won!

Out of 1531 comments! So Elsie's blog - always original and unique. It makes me smile every day. The lovely Virginia also cheered me up by naming me one of her 5 people with a beautiful heart...she had received a blog award and that was one of the things she had to do to accept - so thank-you Virginia!

Will leave you with this Journal page - the first one I have done since the AFTH course. Made it in the car driving down to Glasgow. Spent most of the journey cutting pictures out of magazines then did this in the last 20 minutes! It's only a wee one, but it's a start! xx