Monday, 30 November 2009

Ffffyvie Ccccastle...!

Kirsti and I were at Fyvie Castle all weekend...freezing our asses off!!! How cold?!? It was a beautiful setting and the room we were in was a sort of old fashioned sports hall where they played badminton and it even had a single lane bowling alley all made out of wood! Unfortunately it had a glass roof and with the weather being cold, windy and rainy it was COOOOLD! Oh, and we were dripped on from the condensation from the ceiling too. But we managed to sell some stuff, drink loads of tea and have a laugh so all in all it was a good weekend! Also saw Sonja for the first time since Scrap Attack, which was lovely. A big thank-you to Paul for coping with the kids all weekend and with all the activities that landed over the 2 tournament, Highland Dancing, Sooyang Do Grading - and Molly-Moo wasn't feeling great. They popped in on Sunday to see us, have lunch and visit Santa... you can see, Molly not happy! James is clutching the bit of wood he had to punch and break in two as part of his Sooyang Do Grading - he really wanted to show Santa - and Santa was suitably impressed!

(mini) Wardrobe Remix for Saturday and Sunday...

Not venturing out today, Molly's Calpoled up and back in bed and I'm off to sort through the orders from the weekend. Also have to finish James's Santa costume...not planning on getting out of my jammies till much later in the day. Really frosty here today - definitely a day for staying indoors!


  1. Sounds like a good weekend at Fyvie!! Brrr!! Cold every where today though. just taking my troops out as they are off school today1 hope your little girlie feels better soon! Love Judy xx

    P.S. I was Jude until we had our son and we called him Jude and then I reverted back to Judy!

  2. Hey Babes... hope she was better when she woke up... am still freezing my ass of heating went of a while ago and not been to put it back on yet...x


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