Tuesday, 17 November 2009

OOOH! Think I've done it! Here are pictures of the apple message board that I made for Cupcakes and Kisses - the mini-company that I run alongside Kirsti (www.onemadmoo.blogspot.com)... think I may have just managed to add a link too...!!! Hope Dyan (www.dyan-reaveley.blogspot.com) likes this - it was her folk-art expertise at Scrap Attack that inspired me to finally have a go at painting the blank apple shape! Have painted the back of it with blackboard paint so it can be used as a memo board. Now need to work on placement of photographs...any advice is gratefully received!


  1. Sold it today!!!

    Put your photos in starting with the last one first if that makes sense...x

  2. Yayy, she does approve and thinks its fab xxx


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