Friday, 27 November 2009

Where did today go?!?

BUSY day!!! Face painting at Toddlers this morning, Harry's wee friend round for lunch then a while in the study throwing some things together for the event tonight while Molly had a nap. Disaster struck when my white paint marker exploded all over the blackboard I had painted!!! How annoying?!? And why was it dry all day until it was collection time at school and playgroup? Got soaked a few times, went and delivered comics to 2 of the kids friends who have chickenpox to cheer them up, time for a quick tea, slapped a face on and then away in the car with Kirsti to Milltimber!

It was busy enough, got a few sales and a few orders...between us I think we managed to spend more going round the other stalls than we took in on our own one though!

Off to bed - early start to pack up and drive to Fyvie Castle in the morning. Here's the (m)WR for today...

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