Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Feel the Burn...!

Spent all day yesterday in school painting the backdrop for the Lower Stages Christmas show - A Christmas Recipe. Along with two other Mums and a big brother, we measured, cut, sketched and eventually painted the whole thing. I had Harry and Molly with me and there was another wee boy running around and they were incredibly well behaved - which was just as well! By the time I got home my knees were pounding and my shoulders were aching but it was worth it. The 96 kids who are taking part are all decorating baubles to put on the trees and I have made a start to the huge recipe board that will be attached to the 'easel' and a banner with the title of the show to hang above the trees. We got to hear them rehearse the show yesterday afternoon and it sounded fantastic. Have 13 sheep costumes in the the back of the car to deliver to the school this afternoon then it's onto helping make 13 snowflake tutus, 12 robin outfits and a Santa costume for James...hohoho!!!

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