Friday, 11 June 2010

Today's the day...

It's been quite a week. Harry and Molly both had a stomach bug (caught at a kids party they had been at on Sunday - so far there have been around 20 cases of gastroentinitis) Harry was worse than Molly in that he was up every hour between 10.30pm and 5am Monday into Tuesday. Molly was sick once and seemed to bounce back pretty fast. Then on Wednesday night, it was my turn. Woke at 1.30am with my heart racing and that horrible 7am I felt like I had been in a fight and come off worst. Spent yesterday sleeping on and off, aching all over and generally feeling pretty terrible...

The worst part is that today is the day that Molly goes into hospital to get her grommets fitted and I can't be there now. We spoke to a nurse on the ward yesterday who said that because I would still be contagious up to 48 hours after the last time I was sick - so 7am tomorrow - I would have to stay away.

I know it's only a minor op and she'll more than likely be home in the afternoon but the thought of waving her off this morning is heartbreaking. Paul will be there of course and will keep in touch to let me know what's happening but I can't believe I won't be there.

So, please think good thoughts at around 11am and fingers crossed all goes well. xx


  1. Jude hun I've got my fingers, toes, legs, eye lids you name it crossed. She 'll be absolutely fine and I'm thinking of all of you today and sending positive vibes so that she'll be home quickly feeling better and hopefully the grommets will do the trick and improve her hearing!

    Sending you (((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))) and hope you are all on the mend now!


  2. Everything crossed for Holly xx and huge hugs for you x

  3. Sending you a mega Sandyhug! You'll get to do the nursing and loving when she gets home :)
    lots of love and prayerful thoughts x x

  4. I hope that everything went well today Jude. And hope that you are feeling better too!

    My youngest had 3 lots of grommets so I know what it's like. I'm sure Molly's fine and all will be well.

    Take care.
    Lesley x

  5. **UPDATE** She's home, happy and sleeping soundly (been through about a dozen times just to make sure!) Got the most loveliest of cuddles from her - so happy it's all over. Planning a quiet weekend with plenty more squeezy hugs!! Thanks for all the support - have had so many lovely texts, emails, comments and phonecalls today which really helped me get through. xx

  6. Oh I'm so glad I came to leave a comment and saw the update. So pleased it all went ok. Hope you get lots of squeezy cuddles this weekend :-)
    Kate x

  7. Im glad her op went well. Its the staying in hospital I cant be doing with - but hey, its got to be done. Hopefully this will be the last time Henrietta will need grommets....x

  8. Love your ramblings - great read.

    I have given you blog award - pop over to mine to collect.

  9. Yikes! I hope you and the children feel better very soon. Also hope all goes well for Molly.

    I'm loving your art and can't wait to see the finished June pages. x


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