Friday, 4 June 2010

Work in progress... in progress actually - got a few projects on the go that I thought I'd share!

Molly's Room

Last week we gave Molly's room a bit of an update. Out went the cot tidy, the nappy stacker, the cot bumper and the co-ordinating curtains and bits & pieces and in came some new things and a change about of the furniture to make her room more fitting for an (almost!) 2 year old...

Still have a canopy to put up over her cot and the built in cupboard needs a serious sort out but it's looking good so far and most importantly - Molly loves it!!

Garden Furniture

We've had this set since I was pregnant with James and I have spent a lot of hours over the years sanding it down and re-staining it to make it last another summer... Although I bought a lovely new outdoor dining set a couple of weeks ago, the deck is big enough for two areas - eating and seating, so there's still a place for the old stuff - just not in it's current state!

Starting to look MUCH better now! Doing the 2 benches in Willow and the 2 seats in Country Cream. Planning on making some seat cushions for them too...Ellie's helping paint which is a huge help!

Here's the May pages all completed. It was a bit of a rush getting this one ready and I kinda wish I had done a background before I painted on the square frames but never mind... Here's a sneak peak of June - well, the main body of it anyway...

Furthering my love of all things Union Jack-y right now I thought I'd celebrate the start of the great British Summer and represent June with with some red, white and blue!! When I was at AFTH a couple of weeks back, Dyan and I were talking about how Union Jacks were everywhere right now...she had bought herself a vintage flag and some Union Jack bunting for her lounge and I was talking about an umbrella stand I had seen in James Brindley's in Harrogate...which brings me onto project No 3!

The Front Hall

The umbrella stand arrived this week!! Dy's daughter sent it up for me (along with my cardigan!) and it's gorgeous!! Needs a couple more brollies though...! And it's set off perfectly with... fab new wellies!!

That wee cushion looks definitely NEEDS a bigger companion, Dy!! Still on the lookout for bits and pieces to finish off the walls in there but I'm loving the splash of colour our flag brings!!

The Family Room/Craft Room Changeover

This week we got a step closer to getting the family room changed over into my craft/study area as we finally found a new home for the sofa. We were visiting friends last weekend and they mentioned they wanted a new sofa for their family room...a few days, some emailed pictures and the hiring of a van later, it was on its way to Laurencekirk to its new family. So happy that it's somewhere being used and loved...and we can still visit it!! Above is a picture of the last piece in the room before Paul loaded it into the van...

...all packed and ready to go.

The room feels much bigger now and it's been nice getting used to the space whilst planning out the new layout. Still have a few pieces of furniture but they can be stored in the garage until we have takers for them. So excited about getting the new room started - it's come to the point where I have WAY too much stuff for my current space...especially since that last haul at Dyan's...!!

Off to a ball tomorrow evening - all kilts and fancy frocks - can't wait!! Meeting the girls there in the afternoon for hair, make-up and drinks while the boys go mountain biking then it's formal photos, meal, charity auction then dancing!! Face painting all day Sunday at a Beaver Scout Fun Day though...that WILL be fun!?! xx


  1. Hi Jude,
    Molly's room look just gorgeous - no wonder she loves it!
    After having had 3 boys and now a Grandson I would dearly like to be able to buy 'pretty' things (sigh)...
    Fab idea about the garden furniture. My dining set is looking very tired this year - you've inspired me to sand and paint!!!! Yours is going to look stunning.
    Fab May page for your journal and I like the union jack idea for June! Can't wait to see what you put onto your pages next.
    Enjoy the ball!!!
    Lesley x

  2. Hi Jude

    I love all your works in progress, Molly's room is looking gorgeous and very apt for a 2 year old! Glad you found a home for the furniture, can't wait to see what your crafting room looks like! Loving your 365 day journal, I absolutely knew it was going to be union jacks all the way! Loving the umbrella stand too!

    Hope you enjoy your girly afternoon and that you have a great time at the ball - we're off to paint the town red with Melanie - it being her 30th of course! Also off to try and help her decide between the 23 dresses she tried on on Thursday, although made her night when she was ID'd at M&S LOL! I'll try and get some photos to share!

  3. Molly's room is looking delightful! Loving the Union Jack page - very patiotic! Hope you have a great time at your dinner/dance! x x

  4. Hi Jude,
    I have something on my blog for you today - a bit of fun I think you might like to have a play with...
    Lesley x

  5. Wow, all your photos are fabulous! Are you an interior designer? You should be!! The 365 calendar is looking great. Can you believe we're almost half way through? Kate x

  6. Molly's room is the cutest room I've ever seen! Can you do a boy version and then send everything my way? :)

  7. Wonderful May pages and how great will those Union Jack June pages be?


  8. WOW! Everything looks great! I wanna live there! =)

  9. ooo I love all your decorating, especially your daughters room, really lovely. I a doing a journal like that too, though i havent got past february lol

  10. Hi babe, love it all...especially the wellies. Bet they never see a speck of dust..!!! the cushions flew out faster than I could catch them unfortunately..lmao. Can try for the suitcases for you but they are mega expensive and I mean MEGA..!!! But sooooo worth it..!!! xxx

  11. Hey, where've ya been? Long time, no blog! BTW, are you going to the Dina Wakley workshops at AFTH? I booked in for all 3 days WOOP WOOP!!


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