Monday, 5 July 2010

Forgive me Bloggers for I have sinned...

Well, it's been a while to put it mildly! June was a really busy month with lots happening at home, school and Paul's new job but to be honest, my heart really hasn't been in it when it came to posting on my blog since the last entry almost a month ago. I've barely even looked at anyone else's blogs either and for that I apologise but now the kids are on holiday and things seem to have calmed down I thought I'd take some time to review the last month...

Molly was fine after her operation - she's certainly trying more words and there has been little differences in the way she pronounces things but it hasn't been the 'dramatic' difference that the doctor said it would be. She now sounds like Harry used to before he got his hearing aids so our gut feeling is that she has an underlying hearing loss too. Back to the ENT clinic on the 26th of August and Audiology are doing a hearing test that day too so we'll wait and see... Thanks to everyone who got in touch via text, phone, email, in person and with comments on the blog - it was so awful not being able to be there but you all helped me so much through the day. This is the little trike and trailer we got her for being so brave...

My social life is like a No.26 bus...nothing for ages then they all arrive at once! June was one of those months with lots nights out - a big thank-you to my Mum and Dad for being the best babysitters ever!! Here's a quick rundown in pictures...

Caledonian Ball, Caledonain Thistle, Aberdeen - a great night out every year. The best bit is the getting ready in the hotel room. we bring a load of food and drink and beautify ourselves for the afternoon while the boys go off and do boys stuff (this year they went mountain biking). We get a group photo taken, have a lovely meal, stop our other halves bidding for stuff at the charity auction then dance till we can't stand up anymore. Fantastic.



...and after still!

Murder on the dancefloor...

Trend Magazine Awards, The Marcliffe at Pitfodels, Aberdeen - about a year ago a fabulous dress shop opened here in Inverurie. It's called Vanity and it stocks lots of small, up and coming labels as well as established brands like French Connection and Mina. Cheryl who owns the shop is so lovely and has such a great eye for what suits her customers. I love going in there - they are great with the kids while I try stuff on and everything I have bought there has been worn time and time again. Vanity was nominated for an award by Trend Magazine and Cheryl invited some of her customers who had supported her through her first year and I was so proud to be one of them. We had a fabulous night at the Marcliffe, all wearing Vanity dresses, and the icing on the cake was when Vanity won!! I think we were easily the loudest table there and we were all so proud of her for putting Inverurie on the fashion map! I only knew the girls from the shop and one other fellow customer but they were a lovely bunch of girls and we had such a great night.

All ready to go...

Cheryl with her award!

Mixology Lesson, Orchid Bar, Aberdeen - Michelle organised a girly night here the night after the Trend Awards (!) and it was so much fun. Ben, our teacher for the evening talked about the history of cocktail making whilst making us some amazing drinks. It was so good that I arranged to take Paul for a private lesson this Friday followed by a meal at a Japanese restaurant right across from Orchid - he deserved a special Father's Day present and this was perfect. We learned a lot (and drank a lot!) and afterwards went for a bite to eat then on to see Sex and The City 2...well, SOME of us went to see Sex and The City 2...!!!

Really looking forward to Friday after looking at those photos again - that had to be the best Cosmopolitan I have ever tasted!!

I'm going to sign off there for the moment...there's lots more to come but I think we need a break first!! xx


  1. wow you have had a busy month! Love your outings by pictures I always forget the camera x and what a brave babe you have x J x

  2. OK I thought you'd dropped off the end of the earth - so glad you're back on here and feeling a little more like your self! I love the trike you bought Molly - gorgeous and I'm glad there has been some improvements - fingers crossed for the next appointment gives some good news for you all! You're social life looks fabulous and very very different to Melanie's - it makes me giggle thinking of the difference between the two of you! She's had all her hair cut off and it looks fabulous! I've got some great video footage from when we were away but Melanie won't let me make it public - I may have to send it by e-mail to you so you can play it when you're feeling a bit down - it makes me laugh every time - I sent it to my brother and it shocked him so much because he wasn't expecting her to be so loud at the end - added to which he was playing it through a large speaker! Honestly giggling now thinking about it!

    We've got three weeks of school still left and I'm having to consider the juggling child routine because work is mad at the minute!

    Anyway have to go - food to cook before scrapbook class!

  3. Ooo you have been busy Jude, no wonder you've not had time for blogging. So glad Molly is OK and hope you get the results you want at her next appointment. Love the little trike and trailer, x

  4. All is forgiven... seeing as how you've filled us all in very nicely with lovely photo's and lots of news! Molly looks such a darling on her new trike and trailer.
    x x

  5. A really busy month for you and yours.

    So glad Molly is fine! I'm sure the audiology news will be good.

    Looks like you've had a lovely month and no need to apologise for not blogging when life takes over.

    Lesley x

  6. Hi Jude, like the dress!! Looking good, girl. WILL try to call you this week, we need to catch up. Love for you and the family!xxx

  7. Wow, you have had a busy time, no wonder you haven't had time to blog! Love your dress in the photos - you always look so glam :-)
    Now, about the Dina weekend. My friend Sarah and I are staying at the guest House recommended by Dy. Are you staying there? Oooh it's going to be such fun! Technically speaking, Sarah and I could have driven home - we only live in the next town, but where's the fun in that? Once you get back home you have to start doing yukky things like cooking and cleaning, so we are making a mini break of it! Can't wait! Byeee for now, Kate x

  8. Oh yes I do mean Sarah H! We live round the corner from each other - partners in crime! We are sharing a twin room in the b and b. I hope she doesn't snore ;-)
    Really looking forward to meeting you :-)))


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