Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Caught up, finally!

Hello again! Been off the radar a couple of days because of a horrible tummy bug. Ended up crawling to the phone yesterday and calling for back up which arrived a while later in the shape of Paul who put me to bed and took care of the kids. I slept for 4 hours straight! Still a bit shaky and tired today but feeling a whole lot better. James was sent home from school feeling sick this morning and Molly has been a bit out of sorts so it looks like it's going to do the rounds...

Anyway, since I'm not going anywhere today, thought I should get the final catch up done and then I'm up to date again!

A couple of Saturdays ago we took a hike up Pitfichie Forest to watch the first stage of the Granite City Rally. Now, I don't really do hiking (especially not at 8.30am!) and Paul hadn't given me the whole story about how far it would be (or how steep!) but off we went following lots of other people up the rough trail to the observation point. I carried Molly most of the way while Paul steered the boys and carried the bags and the buggy...it was a relief to reach the top for a seat! I did ask a guy making his way down if there was a coffee shop at the top and he just laughed...

After a very hairy experience crossing the road (i.e. the race track!) we got settled down and waited for the Race Marshall's whistle to sound before a car came racing round...(have to admit that the first photo I took was actually the Marshall's car doing about 20mph!) Here's the more exciting ones...

The boys were so into it - they love playing Scalectrix so to see real life race cars was really exciting for them.

It was dusty and very noisy so the boys retreated up the hill a bit...

...joined by Molly

Once the snacks and drinks had run out and I couldn't take any more dust in my hair, we made the long walk back down the hill. On the way home, one of the rally cars was behind us - this caused lots of excitement!!

And here's Bennachie on the way home...so pretty.

Will definitely go back next year, with better boots (knitted Uggs offer no protection against thorns) and a big ol' Thermos of tea!!

Speaking of tea...it really does calm the soul. Last Friday, by 4pm I was done. Busy week, worrying over all sorts and not feeling great took it's toll and a battle of wills with the boys caused a mini meltdown. This doesn't happen a lot and I always tend to keep it together in front of the kids but it all just spilled over. My lovely Ellie Pie, once she had organised the younger ones and put away all the shoes and coats, asked if I wanted a cup of tea. I said no but she made one anyway...and it really did help. Bless her, she's never made it herself before but she did such a good job and she even gave me biscuits. When Mum and Dad popped in later, she made them their coffee...she wasn't sure how much to put in but reckoned that 3 teaspoons seemed reasonable...I believe they were still wide awake at 3am!!

Paul was working with a guy from Yorkshire his last offshore trip and got a taste for this tea that the Yorkshireman was drinking (the only tea he said he ever drank!) He ordered some online and also got me this really cute teapot, cup and milk jug that all stack up. The tea is by Ringtons and is very tasty indeed.

Loving all the flowers around just now - these are in a pot in our back garden. Love mixing the little grape hyacinths with the normal size ones.

Got these beauties from Paul last week, the've lasted really well!

Bought some Peonies last weekend. Love how they start out so tightly closed and open up to become even more beautiful. I think they are my favourite flower.

I ordered a Grab Bag from Elle's Studio a while back. It's basically a goodie bag full of surprises. I love Elle's stuff so it was a great deal paying £35 for $70 worth of goodies. Some old lines, some current but all fabulous...here's what was in the bag!

Couldn't get it all in the photo but I was like a kid in a sweet shop, so many lovely things!

And finally, some crafty stuff!! Had this album for ages (given to me by Kirsti) and it was supposed to be a baby gift...that never happened so I made it up for his 1st Birthday instead!

Added a polka dot candle to the front cover...

Used a combination of Making Memories papers that I have had for ages... (and used SO many times!)
...and a pair of Harry's jeans that he'd outgrown (they were James's originally!)

Created lots of places to add photos and journalling about his party...

...and a good sprinkling of buttons with just enough ribbon (could have added more but had to remember it was for a wee boy!)

Was going to leave the back page blank as I thought a photo would get damaged over time being on the back cover but instead made an area for his party guests to sign...

Bailey's Mummy loved it and I've been asked to do another one for a new baby. Really enjoyed making this - it's the kind of project that evolves as you go and you can keep on adding to it. Looking forward to seeing it full of pictures and journalling!

We're in the midst of swapping rooms to get the new craft room done. It's all a bit of a mismatch of furniture at the moment and we're left with a (nearly) new Fama sofa and some really nice Ikea Stockholm pieces to sell/find a home for to make room for the new storage and desks that we'll be getting soon. Trying to keep my eye on the prize but in the meantime am having to turn a blind eye to the chaos. Here's my mantra this week..."It will be worth it in the end, it will be worth it in the end. it will be worth it in the end..." Makes a change from Keep Calm and Carry on!!

p.s. Would love to hear Virginia pronounce 'Pitfichie' and Bennachie'...still giggling over 'Craigalacky' aka 'Craigellachie'!!


  1. hi jude it is Val here love your blog had the same bug as you had cant believe how much I slept very little sickness but terrible tummy Mellymoo had it too.The first name we would probably pronounce Pitficky and the second one would have to be Bennacky or ben achey tell me which one is nearest speak soon Val x

  2. Now hold up Mum she didn't ask you she asked me LOL so it's definitely Pit-fich-ee and Ben-a-chi it's obvious when you look at it isn't it?

    I think you were mighty brave going all that way to look at race cars when you didn't have a thermos - let alone appropriate footwear - maybe you should get a tea room set up there for next year Jude LOL!

    Ringtons deliver here in Yorkshire quite literally door to door they have little black vans with gold signwriting on and I often see them delivering when we are out and about!

    The flowers are gorgeous I really need to do some work on my garden this year so that I too have such gorgeous flowers to look at next year - my lawn is currently being invaded by dandelions ARGH!!!!!!

    I love your BABY album it's gorgeous - beautiful colours (one of my all time favourite combinations) can't wait to see it all full of beautiful photos.

    On the 'look away from the messy house' I so get where your at - mine is driving me nuts but don't know where to start LOL.

    Hope you're having a fabulous day and feeling better after being poorly!



  3. Hi, hope you are feeling better, there's nothing worse than an icky stomach. Bless Ellie though, it made me laugh out loud with the 3 teaspoons of coffee though!!

    LOVE the baby book!

    BH x
    (PS so pleased you liked the candle jars!I was quite pleased with them!)

  4. Loved sharing your photos and looks like you had a brill day out. Sorry you've been poorly. We had that yucky bug just before Christmas, OMG!!! Glad you're feeling better. Off to AFTH this weekend, yippee, x

  5. Fabby baby book Jude - even though its turned out to be a toddler book!
    I too think you were very brave going all that way but what a view you must have had!
    Hope you're picking up now. x x

  6. That takes me back to the Fintry Hill Climb...very noisy and very dirty...

  7. Wow looks like you all had loads of fun Jude! Sorry to hear you've had the bug. I do hope you are all over it really soon.

    I love the Baby album you made. Gorgeous colours which all hang together really well. Yoou've a good eye for design.

    It's fabulous watching the garden wake up isnt it! My fav time of year.!

    All your changes - it WILL be worth it!

    We're thinking of MOVING - AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

    Lesley x

  8. Looks like you all had a great time. Great crafty photos too

  9. Hope your whole family is feeling better!

    The race looked like fun!

    Elle's Studio is great isn't it? :) :) :)

  10. OOOh nasty tummy bugs. I dread them doing the rounds - one goes down with it and you all do :-( Hope you are all recovering well x

  11. Jude you have been busy with illness, racing cars, walking, mini book making and family raising lol

    Loving the spring flowers too. :)

  12. Hi girl... still following your blog all the time; and missing you loads too. Would be lovely to see you all, rather yesterday then next month :)). Hope that in the midst of it all you are finding occassional peace and quiet. Don't forget, I am not that far away, really.... hopefully see you soon, thinking of you. Love Wendyx

  13. Wow, 3 posts in the space of one week!? You're good! Finally found the time to get back into this blogging lark....now I'm like you, leave it too long and you don't know where to start!? There was just NOTHING on TV tonight so I got it into my head at 11pm I'd make a start to my first post....its now 2.30am, the post is up but I'm still sifting through pics and having a nose at everyone's blogs, its addictive once you get started...must go to bed soon!

    Love the little baby book! Where do you get all your nice ribbons from? The Stampin' Up book? Had a great time at the class on Friday, good to see how all those gadgets work, now I need to stock up as I've been persevering with the most rubbish of tools for too long! Ordered one of those snail things so poor Alan could finally be released from his double-sided tape duties!

    The garden is coming together nicely, was admiring it the other night.....well, what I could see from the window of the fence and the kids area.

    Hope to get a start on the wedding invite proof by the end of next week, once I get the Marcliffe job signed off. Will be in touch...xx

  14. Good luck Ellie for tomorrow!!

    Before we bought our furniture we made a trip down just to have a wander round the showroom, took a million photos on my phone (so much so I was interrogated by a member of staff!! IKEA espionage?! Aye, righto?!?)

    It really help me plan everything when I got home. Just posted moodboards of the office on my blog....might help you with your own boards....xx


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