Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sorry Ginny!!

Firstly, apologies to the lovely Virginia who waited all night for me to post again on Thursday - I really did intend getting back to the computer and getting the next one done but it just didn't happen...I did however get all the bathrooms cleaned, the whole house hoovered and dusted and the kids beds were stripped, washed, dried (outside!) ironed and made up again! Even got some crafty stuff done in the evening. Friday was SO busy - Scout meeting in the morning (I'm becoming a Beaver Leader!?!), time in my study while Harry was at Playgroup then double school run, dancing, football...and a minor meltdown (more about that later...) Anyway, here's the next catch up on the last couple of weeks.

On Easter Sunday we went for an Easter Egg Hunt in Banchory with Mum and Dad and stopped off to buy the best hot cross buns EVER. I need to make some of my own next year but they'll be nowhere near as good as these I'm sure!

Miss Molly needed new shoes and after a couple of false starts (not her size, nothing that would fit properly) she eventually got a pair. She is very proud of them...

...although I'm not sure how long the toes will remain white for!

The garden is progressing well...(weather depending) we've been out as much as we can and we got the kids play area spruced up a couple of weekends ago.

Here's the swing Harry got for his birthday - and Molly is in the swing seat that she got for her first birthday!! The boys enjoyed getting stuck in and helping Daddy 'fix things'

They did really well lifting the pallets that our turf arrived on...

...but then got distracted by worms - again!

Molly was under the weather that weekend. She'd had some immunisations done during the week and they knocked her for six, poor baby.

She warmed to the idea of being outside, eventually. especially when she discovered the boys vehicles were up for grabs...

Little red tractor - okay, but there has to be something better...

Speed Trike - maybe, but I've just spotted...

...the big green tractor - I NEVER get that!!!

She was so she is later with Harry's gardening gloves on...

I'll finish there for the minute but PROMISE to do another post tomorrow and then we'll be properly caught up and there'll even be some crafty stuff to share too! Meanwhile, dinner is ready and smelling fantastic...bye for now!! xx


  1. Ah - ha so the intent was there just not the substance - I'll definitely let you off Jude with all those fabulous jobs done provided you promise to come and do mine - having such a difficult week that my Thursday night clean didn't happen and it's almost Sunday and I've still not done it and as I'm feeling at the minute I don't actually care LOL! You sound like you've been busy busy busy and I'm loving this making a plan and then actually doing it - may have to take a leaf out of your book although I'm unsure of how I'm supposed to find the time - crazy crazy crazy around here. We've started geo-caching which (yesterday) with my Mum's garmin and took her today with us to show her what the little gadget actually does although she doesn't refer to it as geo-caching but garminising - it sounds almost as funny as little man's statement about bolderising last week! Your children are all adorable and i love how they all seem so involved in what you are all doing! Molly being spoilt for choice on vehicles made me giggle!

    Right I'm off - was supposed to be shutting PC down but spotted your post and had to say hello - can't wait for the next installment


  2. Some really lovely photos of your wonderful family.

  3. looks like a great ntime was had by all!

    And those buns - mking me hungry looking at the photo! Right- Im off for s butty, needs must!

    BH x

  4. Beautiful family pics your kids look devine you must be so proud of them I loved it when my brood were smallI have some fantastic memories must share some of my photos from when my lot were small they would probably kill me love from Val xx

  5. Loved seeing the piccies of your gorgeous kiddies, x

  6. Yeah Jude, your pictures are lovely...a treasure trove of memories! Happy times with the children - NOTHING better. Hold on to every minute you can because you'll blink you eye and they will be grown up! x x x


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