Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Will I ever learn...?!?

Well, it's happened again. I've left WAY too long between posts and before I know it, it's been 2 weeks, I have a camera full of photos and I don't know where to start...you'd think I'd learn by now?!? Get yourselves comfy, there's a lot to get through...

Granda's Girl...

The first piece of news is that Molly is scheduled to have a wee operation. We saw the ENT Consultant a couple of weeks ago and he has recommended that she has grommets fitted to drain off the fluid in her ears and hopefully improve her hearing and, in turn, her speech. At the moment Molly hears at around the same level that Harry does without his hearing aids in and we were actually more prepared for her to be fitted for her own set of 'ears' rather than be told that she would be undergoing surgery! I know it's only a minor op and, as the consultant told us, it's the most common procedure they do at the children's hospital, but she's my baby and the first of our kids to ever have an operation so it doesn't feel very minor to us right now!! Harry had fluid in his ears up to Molly's age too and when it was gone (of it's own accord) he was still left with a hearing loss so it's not guaranteed that it will make any difference long term but it's definitely worth a shot.

Ellie went on her very first Guide camp. It was to celebrate the Centenary Year and was held at Haddo House in Aberdeenshire (around 20 minutes away from us). It was for 3 nights...although looking at the size of the rucksack you'd think she was off for a month! Scarily, I went to a camp at Haddo when I was Ellie's age...but it was to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Guiding!! Took me right back when I got her all signed in - the smell of the canvas and seeing how excited and nervous they were...

Erin and Ellie...

...starting the long walk to camp.

It was strange leaving her - she's stayed away before but never for 3 nights of sleeping outside and no contact with home!! I knew she'd have a fantastic time but I found myself worrying, wondering and thinking about her all weekend... Molly had the tummy bug that James and I had by the Monday so I wasn't able to go and collect her. Erin's Mum and Dad dropped her off and the two of us burst into tears when we saw each other! It was such a relief to see her and have her back home...

She told me all about her adventures over a cup of tea and some cake...

...and took herself off for a very long shower, while I...

...tackled the washing!!!

Can't believe we're now into May and that's another month of the 365 Challenge over. Here's how April turned out.

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that there are only 29 brollies there...found one on the floor of the study halfway through the month and realised what had happened - oops!! Did a bit of a summary of the last few days of April to (kind of) fix it! May is underway - a bit labour intensive this one but hopefully will be worth it...will post photos when there's something a bit more substantial to show!

Had to make a Get Well card for one of the Mum's in James's class who had been in hospital so used the spare umbrella and adapted the design. We arranged a collection too and got her a nice little bundle of crafty bits as she's into scrapbooking and card making. Thanks Elaine for your help in getting the products organised!

Did a bit of a clear out of the dresser in the dining area - it needed a good ol' tidy and I uncovered some treasures I had forgotten about! (And refilled the Jelly Bean Jar!)

I was given these sweet little cups and saucers from one of my Great Aunties a few months back. She was given them as a wedding present along with...

...these gorgeous little coffee bean teaspoons - how cute?!? They were still in the original packaging (the green box you can just see behind them) and have never been used. The teacups are making me nervous on the dresser - terrified something behind them slips and breaks them - so I'm trying to find a shelf to put on the wall to house them. Thank-you Auntie Ann, I love them!

James started Beaver Scouts last Wednesday. There hasn't been a Beaver group here for years and Paul and I are both helping out as Colony Assistants. The first night went well and the boys seemed to enjoy it.

Paul arranged to get a load of stock from the Guiding shop in Aberdeen and set up a stall with uniforms, badges, books, pencils and this little fella. Here's James in action...

After years of helping out at Rainbows, Brownies and Guides, it was lovely to be involved with one of James's activities!

On Friday night I had some friends and family over for a crafty night. Elaine from Stampin' Up got us sticking, cutting, stamping, folding and punching our way through 4 little projects and everyone was thrilled to bits with what they'd made...especially since some of them were convinced that all they would make was a mess!!

Elaine in action...with Louise concentrating hard!

My 2 lovely sister-in-laws getting stuck in.

So busy that the brownies remain untouched...for now!

Michelle got really into it - she only had 3 G&T's the entire night (and no Singstar!?!)

The most sceptical of them all...my gorgeous friend Lesley. She was keeping me right by the end of the first hour!!

3 out of the 4 things we made.

Paul was pretty much redundant as barman for most of the evening but we worked him hard once the work was over! It was a great night - well done girlies!!

I've just looked at the rest of the photos I was going to post and there's still loads to go! Will call it a night right now - I'll be back soon with the following...garden updates, a cute baby shoebox, strawberry trifle and a European trip!! Now if that doesn't getcha checkin' back in...!?!


  1. Honestly - I was surprised myself that I only had 3 G&T's - now normally poor Paul is rushed around refilling glasses - to be followed by our very own rendition of Meatloaf!! But thanks for a great night and the link in the blog! :-) Michelle

  2. Its great to read what you've been getting up to Jude, Ellie's trip, Molly's op (my thoughts are with you), James starting Beavers..all these things are the essence of everyday life...some happy stuff, some not so much!
    The crafting evening sounds like great fun and your projects look fab!
    Looking forward to our weekend at AFTH soon :))
    x x

  3. Molly looks really blonde in those pics! Cool card...where do you get your card stock from?

    Just love those cups and spoons, I WANT!

    Claire bought me a box of those brownies on Saturday, they are SO good, really having to restrain myself from eating the whole box before Alan comes home, its hard!! AND they are 170cals a piece, nae good when you can scoff 4 without blinking!

    Really enjoyed the craft evening, thanks for inviting me. Now looking forward to receiving my purchases from the night....xx

  4. Hi girl... just saw your last entry... very sweet pics of Molly... and I do know you are worried about the op, but she will be ok!! Hope you see the difference straight away after the grummits have been put in... definitely did with Aidan! (makes it all worth it).
    Tell James he has a girl beaver here in North Kessock that he knows :))!! (Kate's is a mixed boy girl group).
    Speak to you soon... just to let you know that your new entries of spur me into writing one myself; it is hard going keeping up with it all he! xxxxx

  5. Ah Jude pure happiness on a Wednesday evening to head in pop on the PC for a frothy coffee bloggy hoppy catch up and low and behold I finds a posting from you - bliss! Your life is so busy and full of such positives! I love it, I'm thinking of Molly and her op and appreciate exactly where you're coming from on that front, Little Man had to have an op when he was still a babe in arms and I whittled so I know where you're at with that one. I'm glad the guides weekend went well - a girly catch up after the weekend sounds great but I don't envy that washing pile!

    The fact that you're helping out with the Beaver group is awesome and stocking up a shop is a fantastic idea - they are such precious memories - so big cheers for Paul for sorting and a big cheer for both of you for making it happen - it makes a tremendous difference to young people when they have access to such things!

    Your crafty evening looks fantastic fun and awesome cards to boot! Love it! Can't wait to see you a week on Friday - it will be awesome and lovely to catch up in person - hugs and kisses!

  6. I love reading your blog and looking at all your pictures. I am sure that Molly will get on fine at her operation. My Peter had that done too when he was newly 2 and also had his tonsils and anenoids removed as he had sllep apnea. Fortunately I wasn't aware of that! I initially took him to drs as he snored for Britain!! I was worried like you, especially at the anaesthetic part but it is worth it in the end as they get a better quality of life.

  7. So great to hear all your news and see all your lovely piccies. I really would like to introduce some more 'family' orientated snippets to my blog :0 You inspire me to take some piccies of everyday life!

    Hope the wee op goes well..keep us informed to how you are all doing!

    Hugs Judy xx

  8. Hi Jude lovely posting so looking forward to seeing you on the Dyan weekend I am sure Molly will be fine and lets hope the results from it will all be worthwhile.Good on you both for helping with the beavers bet your boy appreciates it .I bet Paul makes a lovely barman and your crafty night looks to have been great fun see you soon Val x

  9. Dont worry too much about Molly, Henrietta is due for her second set of grommets on the 14th June. You can be with her when they send her off to sleep, brace yourself, thats the most upsetting part. Henrietta was like a different daughter after the op, it was so wonderful to see her back to her normal (if she could ever be normal!) self again. Just dont buy Molly a trampoline as a present. Henrietta has asked for go-go hamsters (much safer)......x

  10. Poor Molly, however im sure you will all benefit from it. Love the dresser, enjoy your trip to CK!


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