Wednesday, 30 December 2009

What day is it?!?

The days are racing by...even though we're not doing much of anything! It's lovely though, not being tied to a schedule. We had a really nice Christmas Day, very relaxed and as we were going to my Mum and Dad's for Christmas dinner there was no cooking which was great! Here are some photos of how Christmas morning unfolded...

Stockings opened on our bed...

Waiting patiently on the stairs...

Lots of presents...

Everyone was very happy with what Santa brought...and Paul and I did pretty well too! Here's the pile of pressies for each other before we opened them...

...and here's Paul modeling the watch I got him...

...and the gorgeous pressies I got from him!

I love Christmas. I have a few friends who are a bit Bah Humbug about the whole thing but for me, it's my favourite time of year. Even with all the stress and preparation, there is no nicer feeling than all being together on Christmas morning and seeing the kids faces as they open their presents.

Here's Mini Wardrobe Remix for the last few days...she's been in jammies quite a bit so only a couple of pictures!

New coat from Granny and Granda (check the face!)

New outfit from Granny and Granda (SO cute!)

Christmas dinner was gorgeous and we had a lovely time with my folks and my Granny Ruby. My Dad couldn't get over how much Molly ate - we are so relieved she has her appetite back but even we were amazed at how much she put away, bless her!

We had a bit of a near miss on our arrival home though. The drive was so icy that the van slipped as Paul was reversing into the driveway and almost hit my car...very scary. Love the snow but not enjoying the slight thawing and then sudden re-icing that's happening just now!

Now, onto some crafty things...just for a change!

The materials used to make this gorgeous mini-book can be won! All you have to do is visit Tracie's blog - The life and times of a 12x12 addict and follow the instructions. Isn't it gorgeous?!? Fingers crossed!

Finally, have decided to take part in long term challenge that Kathryn is running on her blog - The Kathryn Wheel. It's a 365 day calendar challenge where you record an event each day throughout the year. Have got as far as finding a suitable book and getting some materials ready but hoping to start proper tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Have a Happy Hogmany whatever you're doing and wishing you all the very best in 2010!

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  1. Course you can... They have been sitting a couple of times to give back and were too big for what I originally ad planned for them but fitted perfectly for my pages....x


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