Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Let it Snow!

Is it really 11 days since I blogged?!? Was doing really well too...never mind - it has, as always been busy over the last week and a half, but this week is about winding down and doing the last few little bits for the big day! Lots of pictures to post...here goes!

We were later getting our tree this year and we couldn't get a day when everyone was free so we could all choose one together...so off we went to Hoodles in Oldmeldrum with Harry and Molly last Saturday to select a tree. We got a good one...

...so good in fact that it came with a free mouse!!! Paul discovered the wee beastie on the Saturday night when I was at the Toddler Mum's night out. I freaked out initially (the house felt violated!?!) but once I had calmed down we decided to set humane traps on Sunday night and the tiny little brown mouse (which Ellie named Morris) was set free at the side of the A96 on Monday morning. Have left the traps down but no more moosies so we reckon it definitely came in with the Christmas tree!

Here it is all decorated...couldn't find the Nikon at the time so the photo's not great. Will take more of the rest of the decs when I get a minute.

Last week brought the first snowfall of the season...just enough to make everything look Christmassy but not enough to bring Aberdeenshire to a standstill - unlike today where it seems to be bedlam everywhere! Much heavier now and our street's not been ploughed - not going anywhere today - definitely a pyjama day especially since James now has the chickenpox!

Got all the last orders for Cupcakes and Kisses completed by Thursday night which was a huge weight off... Here's the very last things that I painted. Two little hearts with polka dots.

Friday was the North Street Toddlers Christmas party. Kids had a great time and it also marked the end of the 6 month term for the current committee which I was part of. It was a packed 6 months and we made a lot of changes and organised lots of events which - according to what we've heard back - have enhanced the group and the children's experience of Toddlers. The rest of the committee are a great bunch of girls and we had a real laugh in the process. Will miss our meetings but it will be nice to go back to being a 'normal Mum' on a Friday morning!

Here's Harry getting his parcel from Santa. Chickenpox almost gone...

And here's Molly with her tutu - on a tractor. She truly is a country quine!

Had Wendy and Co. down from Inverness for the weekend which was fab. The kids all settled surprisingly quickly at bedtime which left us free for wine and chatting - two of our favourite things! Went to see Ellie in the local panto the next afternoon with a couple of other friends and their kids...but not before we all swapped presents! Here's James and Molly with theirs...

Finally a catch up Mini Wardrobe Remix...

Off to have a cup of tea and wrap Paul's presents - only 3 sleeps to go!!!

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  1. Was beginning to think you had gotten lost...lol.. Great pictures and lets hope Niamh never got the chickenpox when she was up the other week... no biggie if she did tho - they have to get it sometime!!...x


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