Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Miss Molly and lots of brollies!

Hello! Thought I'd post today since it's the last day of March and I've actually got my April pages for the 365 challenge ready to go! Here's the March set, as of a couple of days ago...

I read it all back the other night - March was BUSY!! Really pleased how it turned out - especially since I was ready to rip it out of the book and do it over when I first started - thanks Paul for persuading me not to!

And here is April...

Here's how I made the brollies...

...punched along the edge of the paper with a scalloped square punch

...used a large circle punch to create the top

...1 down, 29 to go!

...drew around the shape with a black pen

...writing 'april showers' on a few

...added handles, doodly bits and a few raindrops too.

Today though it's snow boots and a shovel we need rather than a brolley - the snow is back!! It's SO cold outside with a biting wind so it's not even as if the kids can go out and play...Such a difference from the weekend when we spent all Saturday in the garden - planning, playing and planting.

We haven't done much to the garden since we moved here a couple of years ago. We laid turf, created a play area for the kids, got a deck built last year and the front is planted with some trees and flowers but this summer we are determined to get it all looking lovely. Now have a plan that we're happy with so it's a case of getting the work done. Bought some apple trees for a mini orchard in the far corner, getting a quote for a second deck to put the summer house (or vintage caravan!) on, Paul has drawn a plan for the sheds (toy, tool and potting) up the side of the house and the kids are going to have their own vegetable beds at the other side. A wormery's also on the wish list after James and Harry found lots of worms in the garden on Saturday and wanted them to have a home...

Molly had a great time helping them and James was a really good big brother, keeping an eye on her and helping her out...

She came in briefly for a chocolatey treat but wanted right back out again...

She was filthy by the end of the day but very happy. At one point James said "I really think you should put Molly in the bath now, Mummy" She must have been dirty! Here she is scrubbed clean a while later giving Daddy a kiss...

I'm onto the 2nd week on Art Journalling 101, an online journalling class with Dina Wakley. Have had a few teething problems - like finding the links for the classes which was a pretty major one! Also the book I had planned to use wasn't suitable, the paper was too thin, the Gesso I had wasn't thick enough and my biggest brush was way too small! After a quick trip to Hobbycraft I am now playing catch up! Will post some pics next time when there's something to show other than sheets of paper with white paint drying!!

When I was getting to grips with it all on Sunday evening, Molly amused herself playing with the colours I had chosen (before I realised my materials weren't up to the job and there was no chance of getting to the next stage!) How much fun can a baby have with a few Paint Dabbers?!? She would have had even more had she figured out that the lids came off...!

That's all for now - Paul's going offshore tomorrow morning until Tuesday so we're off to roll some eggs down the stairs then stuff ourselves with chocolate in front of a movie!! Happy Easter to everyone, have a lovely weekend. xx


  1. lovely post - your umbrella layout is really nice! BH x

  2. Hi Jude,
    Such a lovely post to read. Molly's been having such fun!!!!
    Your completed bunting for the March calendar page looks amazing. So original - then I saw those cute umbrellas. Thanks for sharing how you made them - very inovitive!!! Your April page looks awesome - I too have gone for the theme of April showers LOL! Hope to post tomorrow.

    Lesley x

  3. Love the pages you have created. I've heard of these 365 journalling pages but not seen one done. Yours is stunning.
    Love the photos of the children, your youngest is a cutie, x

  4. Hey! Nice post! Love the brollies! I had a kinda similar idea for a card design but digital..... taking in photographs of fabric and CK wallpaper into umbrella shapes using InDesign.....great minds, eh...well kinda!?!

    Its 12.20am so better go and finish off these easter bags for the bairns, did a wee illustration for the tags but the more I look at it, the more the rabbit is starting to bug me! Oh well, too late to change it now, hoping get half of them to Claire & John tomorrow if they make it through. xx

  5. Ooh Jude I spotted your post last night and thought that I would use it as my Thursday morning treat before I have to leave for work! I am so loving how your March pages have turned out and three cheers for Paul for not allowing you to rip them out of the book because it has turned out spectacularly well!

    Now your April page - well what can I say blown me away - does this mean we'll have flag poles and ribbons in May, Pumpkin's in October, Fire works in November ooh I love them - so individual and I would not have guessed how you'd done them so thank for your the tutorial on that one!!!!!!!

    We also spent Saturday in the garden - we donned gardening boots and wellies and tried to sort out our waterlogged postage stamp of a garden - finding a paving slab two feet down was a little surreal and then refilling with gravel and sand to aid drainage let alone my Mum's version of patchwork turfing, we also have plans for the garden but on no account are they big - in fact I was say little - primarily because of the size of the garden but all very essential it's been neglected over the last couple of year's so time to bring it up to scratch me thinks - but not whilst this cold weather is here, Scotland certainly seems to have been inundated with the white stuff again - I mean what on earth is going on - blizzards at the end of March? Crazy crazy weather, we've not had any snow or sleet but we do have that awful biting wind! I'd be quite happy if it toddled off now and gave us a few blue skies and warm breezes but maybe my heads in the clouds!

    Loving how older brother looks after younger sister - awesome stuff and how little one got so very dirty in the garden!

    I'm assuming you are mighty glad that Molly hasn't fathomed the paint dabbers lids LOL! Isn't it great how they can keep themselves amused with simple things!

    Easter weekend with no Paul - not good so enjoy the chocolate and the movies, kick back and have fun with your gorgeous children and he'll be back in no time! Egg rolling down the stairs that should be interesting!

    I'm glad you've resolved the issues with Dina's classes, I've done my Graffiti Chic class with Alisa Burke - I had access to all five weeks at once so you know me - run full tilt until it's done now just need to keep using it as it was an awesome class! Printed the PDF's to it yesterday so time to play a bit more me thinks this weekend!

    Now what do you mean you can't get a room at the Premier Inn - boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo - what on earth are we going to do without you guys across the hall from us - they can't be full - they can't be! Crazy Crazy crazy I tell you!

    Anyway (it's ages since I did a war and peace comment - ooh it does the soul good) I'm off as about to be kicked off here by said 9 year old! Speaking of which they have an interesting day at school today apparently according to Melanie's daughter they are having a crucifixion - raised eyebrows when she said how much she was looking forward to it! Followed by the fact they'd been practising for it! Almost as classic as little man's statement about mass this week - you know the one Mum - "which one" "the one with Jesus in it", added to which he wrote a assignment on hippos this week and inadvertently said they had horns! Bless

    Right really going now, hugs and kisses from me and the Rotherham Motley Crue - Melanie's out on another leaving do tonight this will be her third this week!

  6. Love those umbrellas - will have to use that Idea - so keep tuned into my blog!!!

  7. Hello from the Lomond platform - it's a beautiful day out here in the middle of the North Sea, warm and sunny, very different to the Aberdeenshire I left this morning. I read your new post just now and it was great - I love getting news form home whilst out here. I'll miss you all this weekend. Love you.

  8. Hi Jude gutted you are not staying at Premier Inn in May what are we going to do without you and Paul.Love your umbrellas too they look fantastic.loved your family pics they lookfantastic kids but there again I love kids of all ages and I was so blessed to have my three they were fab fun as children .I am taking Malachite and Nirvana out to lunch on Tuesday and then to see Nanny Mcphee. I am dead giddy I loved the first one and am really counting the days to see the second one.Have a lovely Easter I am sure Paul will be back soon and enjoy your children over the Easter break.

  9. March looks fabulous all filled in - just as well you didn't rip it out! Tut tut, no ripping out allowed! I love the umbrellas on April and it's great to see how you made them. Now I see why yours are so neat compared to mine which was randomly cut out by hand!! Well done for keeping up - we're a quarter of the way through yay! Kate

  10. Jude I love both pages! March with those shaded circles and bunting loves fabuloso! And what can I say that hasn't been said about those brollies -just inspirational!
    It was lovely to read about your goings on up there and your children are so gorgeous!
    andy is coming to the art journal weekend (well not to the workshops - he's off to the spa!) in May and we are staying at the Swan. Where are you two staying? x x

  11. The way you made those umbrellas is so creative! Thanks for posting a how to - i'ma hafta try that :)

  12. Hi sweetie pie, love your calendar. and the umbrellas are sooooo innovative. Have you tried Alexa House for the weekend. Give them a ring and say you are coming to mine. If not I could find some bunkbeds for the studio but no fighting over top bunk ok...xx

  13. oh forgot to say took me ages to get to the comment box due to Virginias, usual War and Peace ramblings, lol...I love that every comment is a dissertation, bless...

  14. wow! just found your blog through 365 Calendar challenge. Your March pages are gorgeous (so glad you were pursuaded not to distroy them) and April's even wowier! Love those umberellas!

    Happy Easter and hope the weather finally clears up and you can continue your gardening with you wonderful family. Your daughter's face with those dabbers is a delight. :)

  15. Oh wow Jude both March and April pages are just amazing - you must have the patience of a saint to sit punching out the brollies. It certainly pays off. Just gorgeos

  16. Wow Jude, this is a mega post. Fantastic photos and wonderful brollies. What a brilliant idea!
    x Michelle

  17. Jude, can't find your email address so gotta comment here - YAY!!!!!!!!!! (to the Swan that is!!!!) Cannot wait for May and some real journal time! No-one can steal my time!!!

  18. Neat brollies - not started mine yet with being away....


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