Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Friendships, fights and fabulous shoes...

It's been a funny old week. Busy, as always with lots of extra things on too meaning me making lots of lists and trying to organise everything inbetween the 'normal' stuff. Lots to share with you so here goes...

Got 2 lovely parcels last week - the prize that I won off of Elsie's blog (Ellie has kept most of the goodies!) and my 1st Kenner Road pack.

Included in Elsie's prize was a copy of Studios, featuring lots of different workspaces, organisational ideas and inspiration for creating an environment to enjoy your hobby. It gave me lots of ideas and couldn't have come at a better time as Paul has come up with the fantastic idea of changing our family room into a craft room for me (and the kids) to use. At the moment I'm upstairs in a teeny room and it's bursting at the seams! We've drawn it all out, planned the storage and Paul's currently working on how to reroute the Sky cable through to the big sitting room so the TV can be moved through there. Can't wait as it will mean I can sit and be part of life downstairs when I'm working on projects - watch this space!!

The Kenner Road February kit is beautiful - my photo doesn't do it justice. I have signed up for 6 months and there are ideas of what to create on their website. They have some great digital kits and some free downloads available too. Check them out.

Fianlly got my 365 challenge sorted out. Took a total change of direction and fancied painting a background instead of stamping. Using Dyan's shading technique that she taught us last year, here is what it ended up looking like...

Cut out some triangles of paper to make bunting for each day...

March is a month full of birthdays and celebrations for us so I like how it's turned out. Plus, when Ellie saw it she said "The world needs more polka dots..." Couldn't agree more baby! Still need to add little bits and pieces and try to remember what I did on the 1st of March...missed that day and there's nothing in the calendar to jog my memory - may just have to draw something pretty!!

Delivered a box of Gingerbread Men to Harry's Playgroup on Wednesday. They were enjoying the Gingerbread Man story as part of World Book Day so I gave them a pile of blank men to paint, then I took them away, added the 'icing', ribbon and their names all ready to take home on Friday. Here's the result!

Hairdressers on Thursday - one of my favourite places to be...even though it took military style organising to get there, it was worth it. A stack of magazines, a gorgeous latte and a big slab of ginger cake - heaven! Have gone much shorter - Paul and the kids didn't actually recognise me when we met for dinner after!

Friday was a strange day. We were heading up to my hometown for my Uncle's surprise 5oth, staying overnight then leaving the kids there as Paul and I were going out back here on Saturday night. I spent the morning trying to pack bags for everyone inbetween Molly being clingy and difficult and Harry taking meltdowns over the slightest thing. About mid morning got a call from my friend in Edinburgh to say her Mum had died in the early hours of the morning. She only lost her Dad 8 months ago and her Mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer just over 2 weeks ago. I can't even imagine how she's coping and I am amazed at her strength. I came off the phone and burst into tears...only one thing for it - kettle on and give up on trying to get anything done for a while. After some quiet time with the kids cuddled in on the sofa, I managed to get everyone's bags organised (except mine!) and it all looked like it was coming together...until another phonecall left me reeling, upset and angry. But it was time for the school run and a weekend of celebrations so I just had to 'glory on'...

The surprise party went without a hitch (apart for the fact I'd taken the camera but left the memory card in the computer at home!) The main surprise was the fact that the birthday boy had figured it all out weeks ago but a good time was had by all and we were home at my Granny Ruby's by 10.45pm as Molly could barely stand she was so tired! I was exhausted too and was in bed bang on midnight which was just in time for the start of my birthday...

Had lunch with all my family on Saturday at a local hotel which was noisy and lovely! Got some lovely pressies too...

From the girls (chosen by Ellie)

From the boys (chosen by James - all by himself!)

Knickers, Thickers, books and baubles from Paul!

Had a great night out with friends that night at the local Indian then onto the pub for some drinks. Wore a pair of heels that I bought a year ago and have never worn...every time I put them on I end up changing them for another pair that never hurt regardless of how far I walk or how much I dance! But I thought they deserved an airing - I swear, my feet were hurting just walking from the front door to the taxi but they looked fabulous! Discovered that they don't really work on cobbles, or the nobbly paving slabs in front of pedestrian crossings but Paul was there to assist so it was all good!

Sunday was our 12th Wedding Anniversary. The traditional gift is Linen apparently but the contemporary one is Pearl...here's what Paul bought for me

So impressed that he went and researched it all...he got me a gorgeous freshwater pearl bracelet with an Eiffel Tower charm - we went to Paris for our first anniversary. Of course, it could just as easily be Blackpool Tower couldn't it?!? Anyway, it was a beautiful gift, thank-you. xx

We left for Dundee at midday to go to Caird Hall for Sticks and Strings - 2 percusionists and a String Quintet playing a variety of instruments and different kinds of music. It was fantastic and the kids were enthralled - really enjoyed it. Went for dinner with some friends afterwards then drove home, exhausted but happy! Did a wee bit of journalling on the way down. Got really sweet wrapping paper on my birthday presents so started cutting it up and making some backgrounds...

The book is only little but I'm enjoying the challenge of the small pages. I'm keeping all the bits I'm using for it in a folder so I can grab it and take it with me if I know I'll have a bit of time to play!

That's about it for now. Harry's 4th birthday tomorrow so wrapping presents tonight and (hopefully) getting him off to bed nice and early! I'll finish with some photos of Miss Molly. She's 18 months old, loves her handbag, getting very independent and insisting of feeding herself now...


  1. Hi Baby, it certainly was a very busy weekend, at the end of a very busy week. Reading it back I'm surprised at how much we fitted in - I'm now back at work to recover!
    I'm was really pleased that you loved all your presents as it's always stressful just before the day (did I get the right thing/size/colour/etc....). Mothers day to shop for next!
    Another great blog, love you, Paul.

  2. Aw Jude, how gorgeous is your man!! And it looks like its all going on here... even got a bit of culture in there with the string quintet! Your baby girl is soooo cute! made me ache for a cuddle of my children at that age...although I love the cuddles I get now too! But most of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'd have sent you a blog card if I'd known!
    Here's a big hug (((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))

  3. Ooh Jude where do I begin - well first HAPPPPPYYYYYY BIIIIRRRTTTHHHDDDAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! - Can you hear me yelling it - I'm really loud - surely you can hear me now! I'll try again HAPPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BBBIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHDDDDAAAAAAYY there - I'm sure you heard it this time! I swear that us Mum's have some magical time turner (as in HPotter films) that allow us to keep going back and fitting in just a little bit more - how busy was your weekend!

    You had happy stuff, sad stuff, reflective stuff, bracelets and jewellery, family time, surprise (or not so surprise) birthday parties, culture with the music, plans for changing rooms round so crafting can take place in the hub of it, heels of hell, meals out with friends - just so much!

    Your girly is so beautiful I love her handbag shot - it's amazing!

    Loving your March page - absolutely gorgeous - I'm on catch up on this project, almost started it - left it alone and come back to it - I've managed to do January and february but am already behind on March ARGH!!!! I don't like my January page so I'm going to have another go at it and try and tart it up a bit LOL! Then I might share.

    The gingerbread men (possibly ladies as well) are awesome - how gorgeous are they - I bet they absolutely loved decorating them!

    Hope you are having a great day enjoying a month full of birthdays!



  4. Aaaaaargh, I didnt know it was your birthday, or did I just forget. Either way I am sooooo sorry I missed it, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY..!!!!! Thankyou for the lovely pressie you got me, iot is just sooo me. xxx
    reading your blog post makes me think that too much of me has rubbed off on you, lol. How much did you fit into that week..???
    Great news on your new craft room, can't wait to see it. Paul is a doll isnt he, has he got a spare mate..?? lmao...
    Love your polka dots, amazingly I have done the same for March, but no bunting...
    Gotta dash, I am blog commenting when I should be packing, wish you and kirstiwithani lived nearer, you could of come tooo. Will b thinking of you sweet cheeks. XXXXX

  5. Wow, this a long post! Love your calendar background, coooool polka dots, and love the bunting tags. Aha! I see you have a 'wreck this journal'!! Enjoy wrecking, I do! Happy birthday, happy anniversary, er...have I missed anything?! Oh yes, get your pants out (oh ha ha ha that comment made me laugh!) Bye for now, Kate x

  6. What a wonderfully busy week you've had, so many birthdays, anniversaries, and so many other things to do and still you have time to craft! Jude I'm so impressed! Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy everything! Just love your journal pages!
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my special week.
    x Michelle

  7. Ditto for all of the above, really enjoyed your blog, sounds like you have had a very brilliant but busy week of it. Happy mother's day, you care so much about your brood and you can see that with every little touch of love (gingerbread men etc) you are an amazing woman and a great mum. Big hugs and kisses xMelaniex

  8. Jude- just in case you don't check Melanie comments on her blog - she didn't get your first message - so she's decided to make up what you said - you have to go and read her comment on her blog after what you put - it's hysterical - me thinks signs of things to come

  9. Hi girl, just to let you know that you are absolutely deserving of all the lovelies you received... the one thing that I understand more and more is how important it is in a relationship to stay attentive towards one another. You and Paul are definitely a great example!
    ... I wish I had the time to see you more!


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