Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Still here!!

Hello Blogland!! Have been off the radar for a while - life is busy as and there always seems to be something more urgent/necessary/pressing to do than update the poor blog!! The longer I left it, the bigger the job became but here I am, ready to update - be warned there's a LOT of pictures...will let them do the talking and promise a chattier post next time...

We're going way back in time here - well, July - to James's birthday party. Race Car themed (love a good theme!) and the afternoon was a big success...

Last time I posted, we were just back from the Dina Wakely Weekend at Art From The Heart - an amazing course and a whole lot of fun. Paul and I are lucky enough to count Dina as a friend now which is lovely. We had such a great time but were so glad to be home after the very long drive!! Here's my welcome home from Molly...

...and Harry loved his new bag we got him for Nursery...

We stopped at Ikea on the way to Harrogate to get the furniture for the new study. Harry helped Paul build it all the next day...

...and the transformation started!! It's taken a while to get everything organised and I can't believe how much stuff came out of that wee room I used to work in!! Here are some pictures of the room today...

Molly has her own little corner which keeps her attention away (most of the time) from my stuff. I've borrowed the chair from the front hall until I can find a big squishy one that I love and I used the fabric I bought for the kitchen pelmets for the curtain!! Still need to get a table for the sewing machine and looking for a big wall decal for Molly's corner but apart from a couple other bits and pieces - it's done!! I love it.

Halfway through hemming the curtain - scary!! Had to phone Granny Ruby for some advice - she told me to tack first and I did as I was told!!

The girls birthdays next...Ellie turned 11 on the 21st of August and Molly was 2 on the 23rd!! Ellie wanted a Mocktail Party complete with Daddy as barman and Molly had a 'Tea for 2' party with her little friends...

Molly on her birthday morning...

...and her tea party

Phew!! we're getting there!! Next up is Paul's cousin Jenna's Wedding Invitations. Completely not what she asked for but thankfully she loved them!! Thanks to my lovely sis-in-law Laura for helping me so much with these - couldn't have done it without you!!

The wedding is in 2 weeks time - Paul, Ellie and I are going down to Stirling for it. Can't wait!!

Damn, have to go...Blogger seems a bit temperamental this evening so I'll sign off now and be back with more photos and news real soon - promise!! xx


  1. Well, all I can say is WOW! I'm not surprised you've not had time to blog - you're too busy living a fab family life :-) Your newly fitted out room is just gorgeous too. I'm sure your lovely children appreciate your party organising skills now, but when they look back on these photos in years to come I'm sure they'll realise even more how very lucky they are to have such a creative mum.

    Hope to meet up again at Dyan's sometime.

  2. What a fantastic post Jude! I love your photo story telling! All those party settings look fabulous and made me want to eat those amazing cupcakes!
    Your room looks fab too - I want to come and play...although with my track record of splattering paint everwhare it wouldn't stay looking so clean! hehehe!
    I'm impressed with the curtain making and confess to chuckling at how you 'did as you were told'!!
    We're not internet connectedin Durham yet - frustrating! so I'm out of blogland for a while - just catching up on my trip back to Yorkshire. Big hugeroonies x x x

  3. Wow, you sure know how to throw a party! Missed you on the blog circuit - don't leave it too long next time!

  4. Missed you! Feeling totally inadequate as a party throwing mother now - we took our son and his friends to play crazy golf last year, but the course was flooded so allt he kids ended up just runing around the course and jumping the puddles. Needless to say everyone was thoroughly soaked by the end of it! Soooo not all beautiful Cath K and cup-cakey! Can you come down and do my kids parties please?

  5. What a fab craft room and I love your themed birthday parties, what a great Mummy you are,

    Colette x.

  6. wow what great parties your kids are very lucky. I love all that Ikea stuff and what you have done with it too. :)

  7. Hi Jude - are you still coming down in Dec?


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