Wednesday, 4 August 2010

It's August?!? Seriously?!?

Where did July go? It seemed to pass in the blink of an much happened - just had a look through the photos from the last was busy!! But, even though I have loads to share, this will have to be a quick post. Off to Harrogate tomorrow morning and lucky enough to be attending the Dina Wakley weekend at Art From The Heart. Nervous and excited in equal measures and really looking forward to some time with Paul too. Still a few things to organise and pack before getting some sleep but wanted to drop into Blogland before I go...

Thank the Lord for Post-it Notes...been jotting day to day activities down (and relying on the calendar and emails) to keep up to date with Kate's project. Determined to complete this but the school holidays have meant a little less time for my kinda playing (but lots more of the kids kind!) Getting back on track, so here's an update...

This is my June page - it does have writing on it now but I can't take a picture of it at the moment 'cos July's days are waiting to be stuck down...! Cut out a title last night (from a book of postage stamps) The stamps are cut out of vellum so you can still see the background and each Queen's head was traced onto the reverse and coloured in with a black pen.

Bit of a travel theme for July using Tim Holtz postmark stamps and cute little postcards that I downloaded. Still got a bit of work to do but it's almost there. As for August...I might just go minimum and use those Post-it's...!!

Would love to stay longer but really need to go and finish off... Promise to be back soon with all the news from Harrogate. Leave you with some of photos of our Glamping experience...

Happy days... xx


  1. Oh happy days indeed - what you don't realise Jude is that your heart is so amazing that everyone who touches it is amazed by the love that shines out - there are those that are followers and there are those that shine as a beacon - you are a beacon quite truly even when you don't realise your postivity it's amazing as are you and your hubby and your children. Some people come along for the ride you strive for the new elements of life - you'll enjoy every moment of the weekend and we only wish we could be with you - but remember your roffrum angels are by your side watching each and every move - love you hun - stay gold - V, M and Valencia xxxxx

  2. Well done for keeping up with the challenge (even though it is the school hols and the play-doh takes over!)
    See you tomorrow yayy!!

  3. I keep wondering where April went let alone all of the months inbetween.

  4. Ingenious idea to use vellum so the background shows through! - we work so hard creating those lovely backgrounds and then covwe 'em up! I shall be searching through my stash for some vellum now....
    I'm going for some shut eye in preparation for all that inky painty and MESSY play - see you tomorrow! x x x
    PS Glamping? is that glamourous camping? x x

  5. I'm sure you're having a wonderful time! Gorgeous photo of you! Love seeing your family photos!
    Looking forward to seeing what you create this weekend.

  6. Great meeting you and Tom (Paul) Cruise, hope you make it down for the December weekend, have told my hubby about you guys and he is already looking forward to meeting you both. Keep up the portofino!Sx

  7. Hi Jude it was great to meet you this weekend - I haven't quite managed to use the lampshade mask yet! Look forward to seeing some of your Dina Wakley stuff on here. x


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